Enapso Dash - Digital Assets Hub

Enapso Dash - Digital Assets Hub

Turning Data to Enterprise Assets

Enapso Dash is a semantic knowledge management tool. It centralizes enterprise knowledge to make it available and re-usable. Dash turns data to knowledge to generate digital enterprise assets.

Enapso Dash improves your data quality by validation against semantic rules and constraints. It ensures consistency and integrity of your knowledge. Dash learns automatically by logical inference and simulation.

Enapso Dash is an easy to use collaborative and secure Web application, scalable in the cloud and extensible by plug-ins. Full compliance with the semantic Web standards makes Enapso Dash a sustainable investment.


Enapso Dash
Cloud L

Scalable Knowledge Hub as a Service

Enapso Dash Cloud is a scalable knowledge management solution operated as a service at the provider of your choice, growing with your demand within minutes and ensuring performance and availability fitting to the number of your customers and the size of your knowledge bases, from affordable entry solutions up to holistic enterprise solutions.

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Enapso Dash
Cloud XL

Managed High Security Knowledge Hub

The Cloud XL version of Enapso Dash it a platform for mission critical enterprise and B2B knowledge management with guaranteed performance and availability at certified data centers, ensuring a maximum security and support in set-up, operation and maintenance, from monitoring and reporting up to SSAE16, SAS70 and PCI DSS compliance.

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Enapso Dash
Private Cloud

Knowledge Management On-Premise

Enapso Private Cloud is the in-house knowledge management as a service solution, operated in your private environment with a maximum control over resources, set-up and operation, offering an optimal customization and integration into your existing data center and application infrastructures for your individual performance and security needs.

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Evaluate Semantic Knowledge Management

As a non-registered guest, you get full read access to all public knowledge bases provided by Innotrade’s Enapso Digital Assets Hub. Learn about ontologies and semantic data structures, about queries and logical inference. Experience how Enapso Dash manages knowledge and helps to improve availability, quality and consistency of your digital assets.

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Two Full Featured Ontologies for Free

As a registered user, you get two private knowledge bases for free. Each knowledge base allows up to 5000 axioms and to import and reuse further public ontologies. Check out the full Enapso Dash feature set to build up and maintain your ontologies to evaluate Innotrade’s Enapso Digital Asset Hub services and obtain 5 support tickets for free.

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Enterprise & Institutional

Knowledge Management as-a-Service

As an enterprise or institutional customer with the Enapso Digital Assets Hub you obtain a highly secure and scalable knowledge management solution with flexible plans tailored to your needs. As managed or private cloud service with professional support, as on premise solution with flexible customization options for your private environment.

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