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ENAPSO media

Unifying, Enriching, and Leveraging

Media Data and Meta Data with EBUCorePlus

ENAPSO together empowers media enterprises to harmonize, enrich, and leverage their data assets, enabling data-driven decision-making and personalized experiences. With a proven track record across industries, our solution now brings its expertise to the media sector. As a contributor to EBUCorePlus and a long-standing collaborator with the European Broadcasting Union and SWR, ENAPSO is an integral part of the CCDM Demonstrator Kit (CDK). Our active involvement in the EBU AIM Group, as members and speakers, and our talks as exhibitors at DTS 2024, demonstrate our commitment to driving innovation in the media industry.  ENAPSO together forms the foundation for delivering personalized recommendations and maximizing the value of your data.

Professional in a broadcast control room monitoring multiple screens, representing harmonization challenges in broadcasting

Data Hurdles
in Broadcasting


Broadcasters face a fragmented IT landscape that limit their ability to effectively utilize data assets. Numerous formats and terminology across platforms result in data inconsistencies and reduced efficiency. Inadequate data quality affects the accuracy of AI and analytics, making it harder to understand and engage audiences. Incompatible systems hinder data exchange and collaboration, impacting personalized experiences and targeted content delivery. To address these challenges, we help broadcasters to drive data harmonization within their organizations and across the industry, adopting standards like EBUCorePlus to enhance interoperability, streamline data flows, and extract insights.

Group of diverse individuals engaging with an advanced AI robot displaying ebucoreplus, symbolizing ENAPSO's integration

Data Integration
and AI Insights


ENAPSO together simplifies data integration for broadcasters through industry-standard APIs, abstracting complex technologies. Customizable and extensible, it allows derivations of EBUCorePlus and joining private models. Semantic harmonization enables advanced business intelligence and decision support, while aspect-based profiles facilitate accurate matching and recommendations. The platform streamlines efficient data handling, and AI analyzes trends, behavior, and consumption across diverse data sources. Combining knowledge graphs and AI, ENAPSO together delivers explainable, trustworthy AI. As a SaaS solution, it supports governance, security, and compliance efforts.

Business handshake with ENAPSO together and irnotrade logos, representing partnership in data-driven strategies

Your Trusted Partner for Data-Driven Strategies


ENAPSO together maximizes the value of your data and boosts your digital initiatives. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to develop a tailored data strategy that aligns with your unique goals and addresses your specific challenges. As core of the EBU CCDM Development Kit (CDK), ENAPSO together effortlessly integrates EBUCorePlus to gather and share the diverse data assets of media enterprises. From data integration and harmonization to advanced analytics and AI-driven personalization, ENAPSO together enables you to make well-informed decisions, optimize content delivery, and effectively engage your audience. Reach out to us today for a consultation and explore how ENAPSO together can benefit your organization.

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