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Open Source Knowledge Graph Tools


GraphDB Client

GraphDB Connector
for Node.js

Fully W3C compliant client for Ontotext Graph-DB, supporting SPARQL, SPARQL* and SHACL industry standards as well as authentication & authorization to securely query and update RDF, RDF* and OWL knowledge graphs with Node.js. The right choice to integrate your apps with cutting edge graph technology and to benefit from its interoperability, scalability and comprehensive feature set.

Read more and get it at GitHub and npm.


GraphDB Admin

GraphDB Knowledge Graph
Administration for Node.js

Developer toolbox to securely manage users, roles and authorities as well as to comfortably maintain locations, repositories and named graphs.

From an easy import and export of semantic data models and ontologies in numerous W3C compliant formats to a resource monitoring for reliable operation on high workloads. The right choice to gain time on recurring in-app administration tasks.

Read more and get it at GitHub and npm.



GraphDB Command Line Interface
for Windows, Linux and MacOS

Command line tool for administrators and de-velopers to automate recurring GraphDB ope-rations in Windows, Linux and MacOS scripts. Supporting user and resource management, an easy data exchange between file based models and ontologies and GraphDB reposi-tories as well as a reliable knowledge backup and recovery. The right choice to enrich batches and work flows on DevOps level.


Read more and get it at GitHub and npm.



Model Driven SPARQL
Generation for Node.js

Developer toolbox for automated, fully W3C compliant and vendor independent SPARQL generation. Providing high performance CRUD operations, a class cache and relational con-straints as well as transformation and refac-toring support. The right choice for developers to efficiently manage ontologies and the tran-sition from traditional SQL and NoSQL data-bases to semantic knowledge graphs.


Read more and get it at GitHub and npm.

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