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behind INNOTRADE's harmonization and AI solutions


Owner & Managing Director | Enabler
Solution Architect | Business Developer

Alexander Schulze

Expert in digitalization, artificial intelligence and knowledge management with more than 30 years of professional experience as a software architect, speaker and IT consultant, product and project manager in multinational enterprises, with a focus on innovation and value creation.

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Knowledge Graph Engineer
Semantic Web Expert

Muhammad Yasir

Expert in Semantic Web technologies, experienced in digital transformation, strategic data integration and quality management. Committed to cross-industry harmonization, availability and reusability as well as to operation reliability and provision of knowledge databases.

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CTO | AI Architect
Cloud Operations Manager

Ashesh Goplani

Curious technologist and expert problem solver, proficient in AI, knowledge graphs, and cloud solutions. Expertise in architecting scalable systems, process optimization and data analytics, as well as driving cross-industry digital transformation and innovation.

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AI Business Analyst | Solution Designer
Compliance Coach

Wolfgang Klemm (Partner)

20 years as AI R&D and AI solutions architect with focus on AI use cases that really create value. Creator of the AI matching solutions platform. Project Manager for Turnaround and FLOW management at market leading customers. Hands-on, cooperative and focused to help customers getting the cutting edge.

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