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Software & Data Engineering


Harmonization & Collaboration

Single Source of Truth – Semantic Data Hubs to Improve Cooperation

ENAPSO semantic data hubs stand for high portability and interoperability of your data – with fully automated inbound operations for numerous data sources, with a rich set of central data services and high performance outbound APIs for various formats and transports. Contact us to learn more about achieving compatibility instead of conformity and harmonization instead of standardization.


Governance &

Gaining Trust by Security –

Customer Satisfaction by Quality

ENAPSO protects your data through inbound and outbound authentication and authori-zation, supported by fine grained access control, auditing, accounting and alerting. Schema verification, content validation, and reasoning ensure higher customer satisfaction through consistency and integrity. Contact us to learn how to enrich and turn your data into machine-readable knowledge.


Knowledge & Analytics

Establish Knowledge as
Enterprise Assets & Drive your BI

INNOTRADE enables you to build, main-tain and provide your private/public knowledge graphs. From semantic models and architectures via hetero-genous data sources and ontologies to expressive and internationalized knowledge graphs. For reporting and KPIs same as for B2B or B2C consumers. Contact us to learn more about achieving reusability and establishing your knowledge as an enterprise asset.

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