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ENAPSO together

Semantic & AI driven Data Fabric
Cloud & On-Premise SaaS-Platform


ENAPSO together is an open and cooperative, semantic, and intelligent data factory. It links information and data streams from different sources to knowledge, transforms them into reusable, marketable enterprise assets, enriches them with smart services and makes them available via secure standard interfaces in query or push mode. Industry standard knowledge graphs guarantee compatibility and interoperability, the virtualized microservice architecture ensures easy integration and extensibility, and the combination with artificial intelligence and large language models provides the foundation for new unique and smart software products.

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Smart Data Fabric
for AI Driven
Business Models

Data-driven applications and business models in heterogeneous IT land-scapes require data silos to be broken down and knowledge from distributed sources to be harmonized in an AI-comprehensible way. A smart data factory is a key to making knowledge about assets and processes available and reusable - for solutions and services, and an efficient collaboration. In addition to extraction and transformation, high complexity and quality requirements are known challenges. With its services, ENAPSO together creates the necessary platform for convenient integration, intelligent processing and secure provision of relevant company knowledge.

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AI  and Knowledge Graphs to get the most of your Data

ENAPSO together combines the strengths of artificial intelligence and knowledge graphs to process data, metadata and documents, media data and data streams using exchangeable and industry-specific large language models, semantic graphs and vector databases. Whether cross-cultural analytical, conversational or generative AI, whether for search or matching, streaming or recommendation systems: ENAPSO together combines state-of-the-art AI technologies with the high requirements for availablility, custom specific extensibility and scalability, security and interoperability as well as for performance, governance and GDPR compliance.

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Reliable Partner
with Focus on
People and Value

With the ENAPSO Technology, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner in many successful projects together with notable industrial customers. We focus on people, business and value generation - not just on automation, but on efficient assistance. In addition to improving efficiency and quality, communication and collaboration, we use technology to create new space for creativity and innovation.

From conception and architecture, implementation and operation to consulting and support, on-premise in your data center, in your private cloud or in our ENAPSO cloud.

Give us a call or write to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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