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Thanks to our team's expertise, longstanding partnerships,

and track record of success across

various industries since 2002,

we provide cutting-edge software

and consulting services to

actively drive digitalization

and leverage the power of people

and AI.

With our team’s expertise, partnerships, and an (cross-)industry success history since 2002, we deliver cutting-edge software and consulting services to drive digitalization and leverage the power of people and AI



Components of the ENAPSO eco-system



Knowledge and AI Driven
Productivity Platform

ENAPSO Boost increases productivity by harmonizing heterogeneous and distributed data to reusable and high-quality enterprise knowledge assets. By leveraging W3C-compliant semantic web and industry API standards, it acts as a highly interoperable, easy-to-integrate, smart, and secure knowledge hub, enriched by artificial intelligence-driven, scalable and extensible services.

Knowledge Graph Tools

Node.js tool suite to establish and manage semantic knowledge graphs

Open source developer tools to query and manage W3C-compliant ontologies and graph databases for Node.js with RDF, OWL, SPARQL, and SHACL. Easily establish secure, scalable knowledge graphs and benefit from semantic modeling and inference to improve the data quality and interoperability of your solutions. Learn here how to turn your data into reusable knowledge.


ENAPSO Semantic Data Hub

ENAPSO Knowledge as a Service

Smart and Seamless
Data Ingestion and Distribution

Simple, Seamless and Secure: Streamlining Knowledge Graph Workflows

ENAPSO Semantic Data Hub covers more than just managing data - it's harmonizing, enriching, and distributing your digital assets. Through seamless integration, AI-assisted services, and secure provisioning it's a vital tool to harness knowledge assets in sectors like manufacturing, media, and tourism. Step into a digital future with improved data quality and increased efficiency.

ENAPSO streamlines the retrieval and maintenance of knowledge graphs through standardized APIs. Abstraction and security layers enhance onboarding and productivity by encapsulating and regulating access to intricate models. By scriptable queries, it fosters reusability and seamless integration with your existing environment and use cases. Tailoring and version control keeps you future-proof.


Software & Data Engineering

Implementing data and knowledge driven
digital business models

Innotrade’s engineers provide domain and ontology-driven, cross-platform full-stack, and Low-Code development following W3C and ISO standards. We cover the entire life cycle – from business and requirements analysis via design, implementation, and quality assurance to operation and maintenance.

Click here to learn about high-quality solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.


Consulting & Trainings

Solution Competence

If you aim to gain momentum of your IT- projects or to introduce smart technologies: The Innotrade consulting and training packets provide an individual product and project companionship by experienced consultants as well as courses perfectly tailored to your needs – conveyed by competent trainers and authors.

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