Our Products

Integrating Applications & Services

If complex heterogeneous environments need to become holistic and homogeneous business solutions: The Enapso Enterprise Server is a scalable and easily customizable, cross-platform middleware for application integration and micro-services, combining the security of Java with the flexibility of JavaScript.

Reusing Enterprise Assets

If your new digital business models call for the reduction of complexity and dependencies, operational risks and maintenance efforts: The Enapso Digitalization Services provide a central gateway and repository for re-usable micro-services, shared knowledge and business processes via standard industry interfaces.

Powering Smart Solutions

If your products and services as well as your development and operations are to get intelligent: Enapso is a modular semantic technology suite joining smart knowledge and requirements management with machine based learning and intelligent agents to establish digital assets and optimize business processes.

Our Services

Professional Support

Ensuring Sustained Productivity

If security, reliability, availability and performance of your solutions are essential for your business: The Innotrade Service Level Agreements are tailored to your individual support needs - from consulting, setup and configuration via operation, maintenance and updates up to customization, extensions and scaling.

Software Development

Implementing Digital Business Models

If unique business concepts require individual solutions: The Innotrade engineers provide a full-stack cross-platform and cross-technology development covering the entire software life cycle - from business analysis and requirements specification via implementation and test up to deployment and documentation.

Consulting & Training

Imparting Solution Competence

If you aim to gain the momentum of your projects or to introduce new technologies: The Innotrade consulting and training packets provide an individual product and project companionship by experienced consultants as well as courses tailored to your needs – conveyed by competent trainers and authors.