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Thanks to our team's expertise, longstanding partnerships,

and track record of success across

various industries since 2002,

we provide cutting-edge software

and consulting services to

actively drive digitalization

and leverage the power of people

and AI.

With our team’s expertise, partnerships, and an (cross-)industry success history since 2002, we deliver cutting-edge software and consulting services to drive digitalization and leverage the power of people and AI


Logo of digitalHub Aachen

Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence. Productivity & Matching Platform.

Business professional interacting with virtual interface of ENAPSO ecosystem, featuring Knowledge Management & AI Suite symbo

Knowledge Management & AI Suite.
Platform & Apps, Tools & Consulting.

ENAPSO ecosystem is a scalable matching and productivity suite for individual recommendations and process improvements, for people, businesses, and software partners.

From individual profiles and data harmonization, via extensible services to improve reusability, collaboration, quality, and efficiency, to a secure provision of knowledge and AI services for analytics, forecasting or intelligent planning and sales systems.

ENAPSO is a smart AI-infrastructure consisting of a cloud or on-premise SaaS-platform, generic mobile and desktop apps and a comprehensive tool set, accompanied by consulting, training and individual development support.

Two futuristic robots on an urban sidewalk, symbolizing ENAPSO together's AI-driven data fabric and semantic cloud platform

Semantic & AI Driven Data Fabric.
Cloud- & On-Premise SaaS-Platform.

ENAPSO together is an open and cooperative, semantic, and intelligent data factory. It links information and data streams from different sources to knowledge, transforms them into reusable, marketable enterprise assets, enriches them with smart services and makes them available via secure standard interfaces in query or push mode. Industry standard knowledge graphs guarantee compatibility and interoperability, the virtualized microservice architecture ensures easy integration and extensibility, and the combination with artificial intelligence and large language models provides the foundation for new unique and smart software products.

Businessperson presenting a lightbulb surrounded by innovative sketches, representing ENAPSO in enhancing productivity

ENAPSO companion

Smart Digital Assistant to improve
Convenience & Productivity.

The ENAPSO companion takes care of your interests and saves time when searching for products and services. With individual profiles and artificial intelligence, it connects supply and demand, people and companies.

Across all industries, it delivers precise recommendations for people, friends, and families, e.g., for media or food, events or travel. In companies, it connects requirements with resources, improves knowledge and processes, and proactively delivers individualized offers.

A loyal companion under full control of time, quantity, and content for your users, with full transparency and highest respect for personal data, privacy and intellectual property.

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