Smart Development

How Smart Technologies affect Software Development – a Perspective

Everything gets “smart”, the trends of the digital business like the Internet of things, smart cities, intelligent traffic control or smart factories – all presupposes intelligent machines. The knowledge of a machine is its software. Software is the link between all participants of our in future increasingly interconnected and intelligent world – that between the machines and especially that between humans and machines.

In households and in almost all industrial companies, service and production companies: software plays a central role in almost all areas of our daily lives. It optimizes processes, automates and enhances productivity. "Smart" machines come along with new business as well as society-economic concepts.

Big Data and Deep Learning ensure that machines are equipped with more and more knowledge and thus enable them to make decisions independently. They analyze their environment and the behavior of its users. With Machine-Based Learning the machines get increasingly smarter. And once the technologies are implemented, even without much human intervention.